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Electric service

opis niedostepny

  • Assembly works and modernization of already existing electric systems.
  • Doing repairs and service of electric systems and devices in a standard and explosion-proof way.
  • Electric measurements (work receptions and periodical tests) in the whole extend.
  • Measurement of anti- paralysis protection of electric systems.
  • Measurements of technological joints, neutralization and earthing of machines and devices.
  • Complex maintenance of electric flow for companies.
  • Operation and repair of street light system.

opis niedostepny
  • Service and repair of electric systems.
  • Placing cable lines of 30kV voltage.
  • Cable lines repairs.
  • Repairs and service of switchgears and apparatus for 30 kV voltage.
  • Periodical service of transformers.
  • Repairs and service of electric motors.
  • Repairs and service of rotary and transformer welding machines.
  • Service and preventive measurements of electrotools.
  • Repairs and service of compressors and rectifiers.
  • Operating industrial automatics devices (frequency converter, softstarts, controllers, systems of supporting feeding, etc.).

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CHEMOSERVIS-DWORY S.A. zarejestrowana w Sądzie Rejonowym w Krakowie, KRS 0000287238, NIP 549-19-11-468, REGON 070889223. Kapitał zakładowy opłacony w całości: 20.006.000 PLN.
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