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Quality control program

Taking into consideration quality improvement of our service, the company introduced the program of quality management accordant with EN-ISO 9001:2000 and received a certificate issued by TÜV CERT No 75 100 30053.

Quality control of supplied materials, which are to be used to make elements and devices, is done in our own Quality Department.

The basic aim of the Quality Department is to provide and substantiate the quality of produced technical devices which is Technical Supervision task due to WUDT/UC/2003 according to 97/23/WE Directive dealing with pressure devices and products during their production process, from the time of material supply to the final product reception (according to ISO 9001:2000).

In the scope of its activity, Quality Department possesses:

  • Laboratory accordant with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001 norms which include the following destructive and non-destructive tests:
  • Ultrasound flow detection tests of welding connections and discontinuity of materials.
  • Ultrasound measurements of the thickness of tanks and pipelines walls.
  • Flow detection magnetic particle inspection of welding connections and discontinuity of materials.
  • Liquid- penetrant inspection of welding connections.
  • Macroscopic tests of metallographic microsections.
  • Stretch and bending trials on a testing machine steered by a computer UTS200.
  • Impact resistance test in a room temperature and below zero temperature (up to -40°C) using Charpy hammer.
  • Hardeness measurements using Rockwell, Brinell and Vicker’s method.
  • Chemical constituency measurement made by computer analyzer- spectral method.
  • Diagnostic department of whirling machines which is responsible for:
  • Measurement of vibration intensity (RMS- speed, acceleration, movement) in accordance with PN-ISO 10816 standard.
  • Diagnosis of defects using FFT spectral analysis.
  • Checking the condition of rolling bearing using the method of impact impulses.
  • Supervision and archiving diagnostic data in OMNITREND software produced by Pruftechnik.
  • Laser alignment of systems using machine- power transmission system, connected with clutches as well as belt tensions.

The Quality Department possesses the latest diagnostic devices made by Frufttechnik and SPM and, additionally, well-qualified staff approved by the 2nd grade Certificates of Competence accordant with

PN-EN 473

standards and Pruftechnik- Wibrem company certificates.

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