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References and experience

opis niedostepnyWe offer high quality and complex range of activities. It has been valued by our employers such as, SYNTHOS S.A. Energetyka Dwory Sp. z o.o., Komagra Sp. z o.o. or PKN Orlen S.A. (as a subcontractor).

The most significant works we performed include:

  • Repairs in mechanical and assembly branch during repair stoppage in Możejki refinery in Lithuania.
  • Safety barrier assembly which was to secure against overflow of storage tanks on trays and tanks which was ordered by PETRO Eltech Sp. z o.o. company. Ordered service included:
  • Preparation of executive project.
  • Specialist analysis and measurement.
  • Realization of the order, safety barrier.
  • Production and supply of mechanical and assembly part of the installation of Fuel Steam Reclamation in Bolesławiec and a mechanical and assembly part of the installation of Fuel Steam Reclamation in Kraków- Olszanica. Among others, this project included the following works:
  • Production and assembly of apparatus constructed on the basis of executive projects.
  • Production and assembly of pipelines.
  • Production and assembly of steel constructions.
  • Mechanical branch works

opis niedostepny

The company has a leading position as a contractor of repair, operating and investment service for Synthos

Dwory Sp. z o.o.

company but also for companies which belong to Capital Group of


. The service includes:


  • Constructions and apparatus for the Polystyrene factory in cooperation with Raytheon company- pressure vessels, heat exchangers, storage bins of the cubic capacity worth 575 m³.
  • Constructions and devices used for ecological installation for damaging styrene remains left in the process of drying the rubber- cooperation with Haldor Topsoe company.
  • Production and assembly of polymerizator batteries together with the other apparatus and devices used to produce latex.
  • Modernization of rubber draw together with production of apparatus and technological devices- cooperation with Planters and Jöst companies.
  • Major repair of PAUKER and OP-140 boilers.

The company also worked for other companies, such as:

opis niedostepny

  • LOI POLAND - constructions used under apparatus and machines.
  • EKOLOGICZNA MIEJSKO-PRZEMYSŁOWA OCZYSZCZALNIA ŚCIEKÓW (Ecological Municipal and Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant) - repairs of technological installations.
  • SOLVENT - repairs of technological installations, production and assembly of two tanks made of high-quality steel of the cubic capacity worth 1000m³.
  • ROSCO Gmbh - tanks - storage bins for sugar industry, construction used under the press.
  • PCC “ROKITA” S.A.- production and assembly of chlorine cooler and 4 buffering tanks.

They trust us

CHEMOSERVIS-DWORY S.A. zarejestrowana w Sądzie Rejonowym w Krakowie, KRS 0000287238, NIP 549-19-11-468, REGON 070889223. Kapitał zakładowy opłacony w całości: 20.006.000 PLN.
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