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Testing materials

Spółka posiada w swojej strukturze Laboratorium Działu Kontroli posiadające Świadectwo Uznania Laboratorium Badawczego stopnia IITesting materials

The company owns a Laboratory in the Control Department which possesses a Certificate of Recognition of the 2nd Grade Research Laboratory- registry number: LB-034/02 issued by Centralne Laboratorium Dozoru Technicznego (Central Laboratory of Technical Supervision) in Poznań.

Scope of activities that can be performed:


  • Quality Control:
  • Product supervision during production process.
  • Preparing technical and post performance acceptance, which means passports and protocols.
  • Laboratory:
  • Performing destructive and non-destructive testing, recognized by UDT.
  • In the scope of our authorization there are the following tests:
  • Ultrasound tests of metallurgical products and welded joints.
  • Ultrasound measurement of thickness.
  • Magnetic particle inspection.
  • Liquid-penetrant  inspection.
  • Static tests of bumping metallurgical products and welded joints.
  • Impact resistance tests of metallurgical products and welded joints.
  • Static tests of bending metallurgical products and welded joints.
  • Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers’s method of hardness tests.
  • Macroscopic tests of welded joints.
  • Testing chemical constitution using physical methods.
  • Testing length and angle, visual inspections.

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